How Someone with Bipolar Disorder Applies for a Job


Here’s a photo I found of myself during a period of depression whilst looking for a profile picture for @BeingBipolarORG


“Someone” in this case is extremely specific. That someone is me! I’m not 100% sure what’s going to happen with this post. I just have to get this out of my system. Perhaps that’s a trait that people with bipolar have? I certainly have it. Something gets into my system and IT MUST BE DONE!

Boss/Best Friend: “Casey… Why have you been juggling for 5 hours a day at home for the last week?”


(True story: I was late to work for almost a full week to practice juggling…)

At least something good came from it! I’ve taught THOUSANDS of people to juggle! Check this out!

That’s one of the “problems” with being bipolar. Really cool stuff is born from really crazy moments. It’s something that hard to understand for unipolar people (I’ve never said unipolar before in my life… lol). They’re like “Stop doing that crazy thing!” And… they’re right at that one particular moment. It is crazy. But then… BOOM! You’ve taught hundreds of thousands (maybe) of people how to juggle! WHO’S CRAZY NOW?! Oh… it’s still me? Damn.

I thought I was like applying for a job or something… Allow me to get back to that.

Getting Goosebumps

Goosebumps are a secret code from my subconscious telling me something is awesome beyond what I’m consciously understanding. Know what I’m saying? I think that’s pretty universal. GOOGLE!

Screenshot 2018-01-19 at 8.49.30 AM

I knew it! The job looks sexy af! What job you ask? Client Support – Communication Strategist at CafeMedia. Read it. You’ll think it’s sexy af too. Maybe you should apply!

Now it’s time to straight copy and paste a portion of what I wrote 5 days ago when I was maniacally applying to said job. This content would have died in Google Docs if it wasn’t for me deciding to release it to the word in the form of a blog post.



I’m constantly paying attention to how I discover things. I love following the trails of how things happen. I was so excited by the job that I forgot about how I found it. I’m not even looking for a job! I dove into my Google history to find the answer…

Screenshot 2018-01-16 at 8.49.57 AM

I remember! I was googling remote work. It would seem like I was looking for a job but I was actually beginning the process of researching how to create a remote work friendly AirBnB-like coworking/cooperative space/community of people that do “dope shit”. Earlier that day I was handed over the keys to the first space I have ever rented on my own! 😀

Why I Got Goosebumps

Let me go to the job post again and break out the parts that “spoke” to me.

“[W]e help the best creators and contributors on the web: people who have a passion for their craft (cooking, decorating, parenting, finance, investing) get to write about their passion and be paid to live their dream. We help bloggers leave their full-time jobs and stay home with their kids. We help struggling families pay their bills and find hope. We support the people who are creating the internet!

YES! YES! Where were you guys 10 years ago when I was getting thousands of daily views and making videos like this… lol

It SUCKS trying to be a content creator, and go to school, and pay rent, and keep your cell phone bill current, and try to explain to people that YouTube is the FUTURE! (I don’t need to do that anymore…) I would LOVE to help people turn what they love to do into what they’re paid to do… Ha! That was one of the core values of the MilTownKlan (pour out some liquor).

“As a Client Support & Communication Strategist for AdThrive, you understand the blogging industry and are immersed in current trends. You’re the kind of person who enjoys helping people and going out of your way to make sure they’re happy. You have a keen sense of awareness in regard to the human condition; how people are diverse, how they all need love and kindness. The thought of helping someone in even the smallest way warms you to your core!”

That right there… That’s all I can think about! Like… that’s what I do anyway (for free! lol) There are companies out there that pay people to do that?! Lol I just took a walk down memory lane. I’ll share. 🙂 This is all I work on:

I just burnt myself doing research… lol


I fo’ real burnt myself out “doing research” that day (aka obsessively watching YouTube videos… lol) I was going to do a point-by-point analysis but… tl;dr your/the company sounded really awesome and the job sounded like something I would never grow tired of.

My Excitement About Remote Work

Google is pretty good at expressing the collective psyche so I wasn’t surprised that an image search gave me these results.

Screenshot 2018-01-19 at 10.14.31 AM

That’s not what excites me about remote work. Here’s what remote work looks like for me and I love it.


What excites me about remote work is the possibility of blending the challenges and gifts from being bipolar with an actual career path. I see this beautiful future of mental health business collaboratives and coworking spaces where it isn’t weird if someone has to check themselves into the hospital for 3 days (or 3 weeks) to get their head screwed back on. If everything is project managed properly people in the collective just pick up the slack. Whenever that person is ready, they come back to work.

The positive side of that 3-week break is that, in my experience, properly harnessing “manic energy” will get done in a day what will take others a week.

When someone figures out how to seamlessly feed mania with tasks and then scale tasks back when the energy is down in a nice ebbing and flowing fashion they’ll unlock the hidden potential of millions of people who could be obsessively generating them profits instead of obsessively watching YouTube videos or playing video games.

In Closing

Thanks, whoever you are, for reading! Please leave me a comment! Comments shape the direction that my content flows in. If you’re bipolar and curious about work, bug me about writing my guide called “How I went from $0/hour to $18/hour in less than a year” (hopefully that number will be bigger for the two and three year versions! 😀 ) If you work with someone who is bipolar, ask me anything you think I might offer insight on. Alright… time to send this to the editor!

P.S. CafeMedia… am I’m getting an interview or what?! Lol

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