Kanye, Thanks for the 5th-Dimensional Message

Last Monday I started working on my bipolar startup “full-time” (what makes more sense for me is full-energy). I also did a stand-up comedy set titled “What is “Dragon Energy?” that same night (I’ll be uploading it soon). If you don’t know, Kanye West tweeted that he and Donald Trump “are both dragon energy.”

That confused a lot of people, but it made perfect sense to me. Why? Easy. Because I’m bipolar and, as I explained to people when he tweeted it, Kanye’s clearly bipolar too. I’d say Trump is “high functioning” bipolar. High functioning bipolar is essentially not bipolar but… it still is… let’s just call it “dragon energy”.

Anyhow, Kanye and being bipolar were clearly both on my mind Monday. Monday to Thursday I was watching the latest “Startup School” videos by Y Combinator. On Monday I was thinking about whether I should come up with a name other than “Being Bipolar” for my service/app. Something that would have a wider appeal (depression, anxiety, etc.) The “Startup School” videos made me realize that focusing only on bipolar disorder was the right move so I decided to purchase beingbipolar.co as the place where I’ll eventually conduct business.

So, Thursday afternoon (early Thursday morning in the US) I bought the domain and later that day Kanye drops his album and has this on the cover.

The Bipolar 5th Dimensional Mesh Network

Something that I imagine is pretty common among a lot of people with bipolar is seeing (or feeling) “signs”. A lot of people would write off these “signs” as coincidence but they’re much more than that when you’re hypomanic or manic. I’m at a loss for how to explain it… I think I’ll just go into my archives and post a cringey manic video…

See… that’s just some crazy guy talking crazy 5 years ago. Well… I suppose it’s still a crazy guy talking crazy now… lol 5 or 10 years from now though it very well could be prophetic.

I essentially had this crazy idea of connecting Taiwan and China via Black Horse Tai Chi and Adidas.

While it was crazy then it’s becoming less crazy.

  • Maybe Kanye catches wind of my bipolar startup
  • Maybe he becomes a fan of taichi and becomes a student
  • Maybe he decides to produce a miltownkid ZEE album…

Who knows?! lol

Sometimes bipolar people get pinged by the “bipolar 5th dimensional mesh network” and have to act on it. We don’t know why. We just do. The fruits may come decades later. Or maybe the fruits aren’t for us to enjoy and instead for others. Think of Vincent van Gogh.

From Wikipedia:

Van Gogh was unsuccessful during his lifetime, and was considered a madman and a failure. He became famous after his suicide, and exists in the public imagination as the quintessential misunderstood genius, the artist “where discourses on madness and creativity converge”.

It’s widely believed that Van Gogh suffered from being bipolar. You know… it’s interesting that Kanye revealing that he has bipolar is even newsworthy. Being bipolar really shouldn’t be something that needs to be hidden especially considering that it’s often linked with genius and creativity.

Bringing Kanye West to Taiwan

I went for a run today while listening to “Ye”, Kanye’s newest album, for the first time. As I was approaching my “spot” I thought to myself “It’d be cool to take a selfie with Kanye on my spot one day.” As soon as I thought that the album finished and I thought to myself “A message from the bipolar 5th dimensional mesh network!” lol

I took a selfie there to commemorate the moment. Perhaps after I sign a deal with YEEZY and check out the factory in China where my new Black Horse Tai Chi line is being manufactured me and Ye will make a trip to Taiwan and take a selfie at the spot. 😉

Anyhow… Thanks shedding some light on bipolar disorder and what it’s like being bipolar in your latest album Kanye.


As a result of all of this, I connected with this founder of this group at a meetup tonight and I’m in the process of starting up a men’s version.

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