tl;dr This is a bipolar themed website to entertain, educate, and showcase the talents of people with bipolar in order to generate the capital necessary to build a service to help people with bipolar.

Hi! I’m Casey, the founder of BeingBipolar.org. If you want to know more about me, I have a whole website dedicated to that. You’re here to learn more about Being Bipolar! The website… dedicated to being bipolar… 😉 lol

This journey actually started back in May of 2008 when I created a YouTube channel called Being Bipolar and uploaded this video:

Then, like now, I wanted to create a place to answer anything and everything about being bipolar. My idea since then has evolved into also wanting to create a service to help people navigate the choppy waters of being bipolar.

Something I’ve learned the hard way more times than I care to think about (over 10) is that having a manic episode is EXPENSIVE. The cost isn’t just the bills you’ll get from being hospitalized (one bill, luckily covered by insurance, was over $30,000 US). You miss work, maybe lose your job, and someone needs to support you during recovery. The cost of a single manic episode is tens of thousands of dollars, but multiple episodes over the course of years easily have an economic impact of hundreds of thousands of dollars! It’s been estimated that the annual economic burden of bipolar 1 in the US is over 200 billion dollars a year! YIKES!

There have been many times in my life that these costly trips to the hospital could have been avoided for tens of dollars. A call or visit from the right community member, friend, or family member telling me the right thing at the right time could have led to a good night’s sleep instead of mania fueled insomnia worrying about the Illuminati.

I’m REALLY excited about bringing this service to the world but starting a start-up is hard. Especially when you have bipolar to deal with. Productive hypomanic energy can really quickly boil over to a destructive manic episode. This is something else I learned the hard way in 2018 when productive passionate energy turned into manic paranoid delusions, a trip to the hospital, thousands of dollars lost, a year of recovery.

This website is the latest iteration of my quest to eliminate unnecessary costs and suffering from being bipolar. I want to do even better than that. I want to make being bipolar an asset instead of a liability. A feature instead of a bug. Anyone who’s been diagnosed with bipolar has likely experienced moments of extreme productivity and creativity.

I want to use this website to educate, entertain, and showcase the creative talents of people with bipolar. I also hope I’m able to generate enough money to provide the financial stability and resources to invest in creating a service to help people like us use being bipolar to thrive instead of struggling to survive.